Keeping human connection at
the heart of what we do

  • At Hootsuite, human connection is at the heart of everything we do, every day. We connect people with the communities they live in. The teams they work with. The brands they love. The customers who believe in them. And the leaders and visionaries who show them the way forward.

  • We believe in the power of social media to build enduring brands. Social creates strong internal cultures, surfaces emotionally rich customer insights, and offers a golden thread of engagement across channels and departments that can unify the customer experience.

We believe in the power of human connection to build a better future. And our updated brand is a definitive step toward that future.​​​

The inspiration behind our design system

  • Over the past ten years, Hootsuite has grown from a bootstrapped startup to the global leader in social media management. Today, we’re trusted by more than 18 million customers—including employees at more than 80% of the Fortune 1000. Our unparalleled expertise, customer insights at scale, and collaborative ecosystem help people and organizations succeed with social.

  • What got us here was the boundless energy and passion of our 1,000 employees around the world—and the amazing work our clients and partners do to bring people and communities together on social media every single day, one engagement at a time.

    Our brand platform keeps our focus on the real force behind our success: human connection.


Capturing the spark of connection

  • Every day, our experts and partners help organizations build stronger, more meaningful relationships between their employees, customers, and communities. Our photography features dynamic portraits of real people, capturing the diversity, energy, and inspiration behind those moments of connection.


    Bringing ideas to life

    Sometimes there’s more story to tell than there are words to tell it. Our illustrations bring clarity to complex topics ( no shortage of those in the shifting worlds of social media and technology)—and highlight the many surprising ways social continues to change our world.

  • ICON

    Pride of place for a trusted friend

    The owl that launched a thousand hoot-themed hashtags. Owly has been the heart of the Hootsuite brand from day one. When we come together to celebrate a special occasion or take a stand on a cause we believe in, Owly is right there with us.


Inspiring with energy

  • Like our people, our colors are vibrant, energetic, and inspiring. They unite our content, solutions, and extensive partner ecosystem together in a bold palette that’s unmistakably Hootsuite—while also ensuring our web content meets the highest (AAA) standard for accessibility.

Creating a connected future

  • Like us, you've been here from the start, watching social's role grow from the corner of marketing to the center of how businesses engage with their customers.

    One engagement at a time, social brings us together. It’s a government employee working late to keep citizens informed on Twitter when a storm strikes. It’s a health care professional sharing empathy and expertise to patients in a private Facebook Group. It’s a student reading a LinkedIn post that inspires her to apply for a job at a firm that shares her values.

  • Looking ahead, social will remain the key to competitive agility, keeping you ahead of disruption. It’s your brand’s eyes and ears, a rich source of insights. And it’s the future heart of all contact with customers.

    We’re here to help you along your journey to transformation. Thank you for being our partners and customers.

    We are your Hootsuite.