Making a bigger impact

While social media is an integral part of most enterprise marketing efforts, many organizations find it difficult to generate measurable ROI from it. The Hootsuite Value and Innovation Program changes that. We partner with quickly evolving global organizations to help them realize digital maturity and drive results through social media sooner.

We help you achieve this through a combination of industry social benchmarking and KPI analysis, multiple workshops with key people in your organization, and a customized long-term delivery and growth plan for your business.  

Milestones and deliverables

Here’s how the program rolls out

  • Discovery

    We first establish your goals, challenges, risks, and the elements that will enable success. Then we identify the right people to include on both sides of the partnership to guide the program.

  • Analysis

    Our expert team analyzes industry trends and assesses  your market position through the performance of your content alongside of a maturity and risk assessment.

  • Recommendations

    We present the customized growth plan to your executive team, demonstrate how it functions within the organization, review how it will be delivered, and discuss the key business ROI drivers.

  • Execution

    A comprehensive customer success journey and value realization plan cements your new partnership with Hootsuite, ensuring high adoption and continued success.

Customer commitments

This is a free—but by-invite-only—program for rapidly evolving global customers with the right executive sponsorship and a highly motivated project champion.

  • Project team role

    A primary point person—typically a leader that’s responsible for your organization’s social presence—works with Hootsuite across all milestones and deliverables. Additional stakeholders will be included at key milestones and interaction will take place both in-person and online.

  • Executive leadership role

    This program is specifically designed for forward-thinking senior executives who are invested in the future of digital and want to realize new opportunities to drive social ROI at their organizations. These executives are included at key milestones throughout the partnership.

Getting you there sooner

Achieving real results from social media takes time and effort. Partnering with the Hootsuite Value and Innovation Program lets us help you accelerate that transformation across your organization so you can see a bigger impact from social media sooner. 

For more information, contact your Hootsuite Customer Success Manager today.

By empowering our 44,000+ employees to share our messages via their own social media presences, we are hoping to build culture, engagement and word-of-mouth marketing. The Hootsuite Value & Innovation program provided the business case, technology, and Customer Success support. We are also eager to see the outcome of our work with Hootsuite in building a social media lesson to help those in our organization interested in social learn how to best participate.

Foto von Nikki Moll
Nikki Moll Interim Senior VP Marketing and PR Baylor Scott & White Health