Like it or not, marketing is a competition—and to win it, you need competitive intelligence. Who are your competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What are consumers saying about them (and you)?.

Gathering this intel can be time-consuming without a plan. But with the right approach and tools, you can cut the time it takes in half and learn everything there is to know about the competition on social media.

In this webinar, our panel discusses why every organization needs to conduct a competitive analysis, how social listening plays a major role, and how to use the findings to strengthen your own social media strategy.

What you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of conducting a competitive analysis on social media
  • A 4-step process for conducting your analysis
  • How to use insights from the analysis to strengthen your social strategy

  • Photo of Kristen Squire

    Kristen Squire

    Solutions - Knowledge Director, Talkwalker

    Kristen Squire is the Knowledge Lead for Talkwalker She helps to manage the Knowledge Team, responsible for database materials and training, such as the Mountain Climber. Kristen is a former client of Talkwalker's, having been with Edelman for five years prior as a taxonomist and project manager. Her background is in Libraries and Information Science.

  • Photo of Soukaina Mkhanter

    Soukaina Mkhanter

    Partner Product Marketing Manager

    Soukaina (Souki) manages the technology partners at Hootsuite from the social listening and user-generated content ones to our security and compliance providers. With over 7 years of product marketing and sales experience in high tech companies, Souki strives to provide customers with an integrated solution to fulfill their business needs.