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Nonprofits save up to 75% on Hootsuite

Get your exclusive nonprofit discount on Hootsuite Team or Professional plans and save an average of 130 hours per year implementing a social strategy to generate awareness, connect with the community, and raise money — all at a fraction of the cost. 

  • Professional

    $24.50par mois
    • 1 utilisateur
    • instagramfacebooktwitteryoutubelinkedinpinteresttiktok
    • 10 comptes de médias sociaux
    • Programmez un nombre illimité de publications
    • Accédez aux messages dans une seule boîte de réception
    • Habituellement 99 $/mois*
    • Programmation groupée
    • Statistiques en temps réel
    • Intégrations RSS illimitées
    • Programmez vos publications à l'avance

  • Most popular


    $64.50par mois
    • 3 utilisateurs
    • instagramfacebooktwitteryoutubelinkedinpinteresttiktok
    • 20 comptes de médias sociaux
    • Tâches déléguées aux membres d'équipe
    • 1 URL personnalisée pour votre marque
    • Habituellement 249 $/mois*
    • 1 certification de compétences
    • Programmez plusieurs publications à la fois
    • Programmez vos publications à l'avance

*Prices displayed in USD, based on annual billing, but do not include applicable taxes.

*This offer is limited to Techsoup validated nonprofit organizations. Hootsuite reserves the right to revoke the offer in case the requesting company does not meet the requirements of our HootGiving Program and/or does not meet the requirement of being a registered non profit organization. Hootsuite reserves the right to extend, modify or discontinue this offer at any time. The 90-day trial is available only for users who have not benefitted from a trial before. If you have had a trial before, you will be billed immediately upon confirming payment information.