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How Marketo gained superior customer insights and closed deals faster

Marketo is a leading provider of cloud-based marketing software for building, sustaining, and engaging customer relationships. In this case study, you’ll discover how Marketo uses Hootsuite Enterprise to improve marketing, customer service, and sales on social media, helping to deliver on key business objectives. Marketo used Hootsuite to improve lead quality and maintain 93% customer satisfaction.

  • Engage
    in dynamic conversations and share relevant content
  • Gain
    superior customer insights and increase sales productivity
  • Accelerate
    response times and increase customer satisfaction

Embracing social media to gain superior customer insights

For businesses like Marketo, it is critical to gain visibility into the value of social media within an overall marketing effort, both for its own information and to address customer concerns. Without being present on social media, many businesses were missing a huge opportunity to learn about their potential customers. Likewise, without the proper management resources, social media proves to be a widening blind spot in terms of brand awareness and superior customer insights. Back in 2012, Marketo integrated Hootsuite to address these challenges and better understand the intricacies of their own marketing campaigns.

In the market for a powerful social relationship platform, Marketo set out to reach the following top-tier goals for social media:

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Tying social media communications back to CRM Support Systems

Another innovative step that Marketo took to become a social enterprise is to closely integrate Hootsuite with’s Customer relationship management, or CRM, software. The Salesforce app in the Hootsuite App Directory arms Marketo’s customer support team with the tools to immediately direct support cases to the appropriate team member.

With a more efficient workflow from case creation to resolution, Marketo simplifies internal processes and responds faster, leading to an improved customer satisfaction rate of 93%. Their customer support team can now create cases directly from social messages, without ever leaving their centralized Hootsuite dashboard.

The results

Organization-wide social media success

Not only an accomplished marketing company in the technology industry, Marketo is a pioneering social enterprise, showcasing what other companies can achieve.

Sanjay Dholakia, Chief Marketing Officer at Marketo closes by adding, “For a company to be successful today it must embrace all channels, and social marketing is a critical part of that equation. We are very happy with our experience with Hootsuite and expect to build upon it as we move forward.”

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The move toward a multichannel customer engagement centre has seen the customer support organization achieve a customer satisfaction level of 93%.
Kenneth Law
Customer Support Knowledge and Social Media Manager

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