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How you can get involved

At Hootsuite, we have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. To quench it, we invite extraordinary leaders (like you) to inform, inspire, and offer industry-leading insights through a keynote speech or a fireside chat with our CEO, Ryan Holmes, followed by an audience Q&A.

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Leave your mark on the leaders of tomorrow

In our offices we host The Next Big Thing, a non-profit youth entrepreneurial organization that empowers and educates young entrepreneurs under the age of 25. There are also several opportunities to speak and engage with this organization, in a variety of formats.


Reach a wider audience

Whether you’re speaking to our Owls here at Hootsuite or inspiring the youth behind The Next Big Thing, your ideas and insights have the opportunity to go far beyond the faces sitting in front of you. We often livestream and/or record each event and—of course—tap into the power of social to share updates from our speaker sessions with a wider audience. (To put the potential into perspective: amongst the 800+ Owls that make up our employee network, there are over 3,200 social media accounts. And our Owls love to share.)

Previous speakers

  • Photo of Scott Harrison

    Scott Harrison

    Founder and CEO Charity Water

  • Photo of Chris Moody

    Chris Moody

    VP Data Strategy Twitter

  • Photo of Mich Mathews-Spradlin

    Mich Mathews-Spradlin

    Former CMO and SVP of Marketing Microsoft

  • Photo of Col. Chris Hadfield

    Col. Chris Hadfield

    First Canadian Astronaut to walk in space

  • Photo of Steve Irvine

    Steve Irvine

    Global Head Facebook Marketing program and Instagram Partner Program