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Why Hootsuite's Social Selling Certification?

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Boost your close rate—and your career prospects

The Hootsuite Social Selling Certification is the best way to demonstrate your skill in using social media to connect with prospects and close more sales.

Our industry-recognized accreditation can not only help you find more leads and close more sales—it can also boost your job prospects and advance your sales career.

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Industry-recognized certification

Demonstrate to potential employers and clients that you have in-demand skills and expertise to drive more sales using social media.

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Certified Professionals Directory

Get listed in our public Hootsuite Certified Professionals Directory, which helps employers and brands find talented social selling pros like you. 

What's covered in the course?

The Hootsuite Social Selling Certification is based on our Social Selling Training course—a comprehensive series of easy to follow video tutorials. If you're already a social selling pro you can take the exam right away, if not here's what you'll cover in the Social Selling Training course:

  • Social selling intro
    Learn why social selling matters for sales pros and how it relates to traditional sales

  • Optimizing profiles
    Discover the essential elements you need in each of your social profiles so you look the part

  • Researching and planning
    Learn how to start your research and planning for each key network 

  • Social prospecting and engaging
    Explore how to get started with effective prospecting, including how (and why) you should share content, and best practices for reaching out to contacts

  • Social selling in regulated environments
    Identify the best practices to navigate social selling in regulated industries, including financial services

See the difference our Social Selling Certification can make.

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