The Global State of Digital 2021

A comprehensive look at the state of the internet, mobile devices, social media, and ecommerce from Hootsuite and We Are Social.

Digital 2021

Global Reports

  • Digital-2021-LP-The-Report-Hub-Global-Report

    Executive Summary

    This overview of the biggest data headlines, top charts, and new stories from the global report will give you a quick and thorough understanding of the digital landscape in 2021.
  • Digital-2021-LP-The-Report-Hub-Executive-Summary 210125 232645

    Global Report

    Data from over 220 countries and territories on the state of the internet, mobile, ecommerce, gaming, cryptocurrency, social media, ad spending, search behaviors and more.
  • Digital-2021-LP-The-Report-Hub-1-Q2

    Global Report (Q2 Update)

    Fine tune your strategies with the latest benchmarks, engagement rates, and insights in this quarterly update of our Digital 2021 report.
  • Digital-2021-LP-The-Report-Hub-2-Q3

    Global Report (Q3 Update)

    Get the latest data on how digital behavior has been changing around the world in this summer update of our Digital 2021 report.
  • Digital-2021-LP-The-Report-Hub-3-Q4

    Global Report (Q4 Update)

    Get hundreds of brand new stats on key digital channels and online behaviors, including post type mix, engagement rate benchmarks, and more. All based on info from over 220 countries and territories.

Regional Reports

  • usa

    USA Report

  • canada

    Canada Report

  • mexico

    Mexico Report

  • australia

    Australia Report

  • new-zealand

    New Zealand Report

  • uk

    UK Report

  • france

    France Report

  • germany

    Germany Report

  • italy

    Italy Report

  • spain

    Spain Report

  • saudi-arabia flag

    Saudi Arabia Report

  • united-arab-emirates flag

    United Arab Emirates Report

Related Resources

  • Trends-2021 resource-image-card 210122 233124

    Social Trends 2021

    Backed by data from over 11,100 respondents, and in-depth interviews with top experts at agencies, brands, and social platforms, our global report shines a light on the top trends in social.
  • web ST-report res-card 451x286-1 210122 233340

    The Social Transformation Report

    How modern organizations are growing brand value, operational efficiency, and business impact with social media.
  • webinar ST preview-card 451x286

    Ahead of the Curve: What a Sophisticated Enterprise Social Strategy Includes in 2021

    Learn how to connect social media to the transformation agenda that execs really care about with data and insights from Hootsuite’s largest customers.