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2019 Social Media Trends Toolkit

All the tools and resources you’ll need to improve your social strategy for 2019. We’ve compiled this comprehensive suite of resources to help you make adjustments to your social programs based on the trends we’ve forecasted.


2019 Social Media Trends Report

Every year, our team does an incredibly in-depth analysis of the current state of social media, and forecasts trends we think will be most common in the coming year.

This report offers recommendations to help solve common challenges and identify practical ways your organization can better deploy social across the business.


CMO Briefing: Future of Social

As we enter the age of the individual, customer experience, content, advertising and data will all be incredibly important–but how we use them will need to change fundamentally.

This report examines where we’re at now, what we can expect in the future, and how marketers can plan for the evolution of the next 10 years.


CMO Briefing: Social Media Trends 2019

The challenges of 2018 translate into tremendous new opportunities for brands to establish deeper, more authentic relationships with our customers in 2019 and beyond.

Read this CMO briefing to discover how to equip your teams with insights into the biggest trends, practical recommendations on how to leverage them, and examples of best-in-class brands getting it right.


Social Network Forecast

Every social network is different, and presents a unique set of challenges for marketers trying to stay ahead of the trend.

If you want to be successful, you need to know where social networks are headed. This report breaks down current trends and how they’ll affect the outlook for each social network.

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In our Social Trends webinar, Lauren Sudworth, Global Director of Brand at Hootsuite, Jenny Winterbottom, Global Campaign Director, and Emily Copp, Lead Copywriter, discussed the 5 trends we predicted for social in 2019, where social networks are headed for the year, and how you can be more successful on social.

Read the presentation deck, and understand for yourself how you can put these trends into practice for your brand in the coming year.




Our yearly trend report, summarized in an infographic.



Hootsuite is here to help. We’ve helped brands of all sizes and in every industry increase performance across all social channels.

Using Hootsuite Ads, promote your business and accelerate your social ROI. Use Hootsuite Amplify to create employee advocacy programs and strengthen your brand, then use Hootsuite Impact to measure your success.

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