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How Financial Services Organizations are Managing COVID-19 on Social

Katelin Cwieka
Kate Cwieka
AVP - Communications Manager, Avidia Bank
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No one living today has ever faced a pandemic like COVID-19. As the global health crisis continues to unfold, governments have been forced to paralyze their economies to protect their citizens, leading to an unexpected economic crisis.

As individuals and businesses around the globe face severe financial fallout, the financial services industry is scrambling to identify how to support those impacted while providing undisrupted service to all their customers. They are also tasked with protecting their customers from fraud as bad actors emerge to take advantage of the crisis.

This webinar will take you through examples of outstanding crisis management strategies happening in the financial services industry today. You will receive recommendations to implement in your communications plan to continue moving forward with confidence in the months ahead. And we’ll host a live Q&A session to help answer any questions you may have.

What you’ll learn

  • checkmarkHow financial services organizations are adapting messaging to suit their audiences
  • checkmarkSocial media methods to maintain business continuity
  • checkmarkSteps to identify and combat misinformation

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  • Katelin Cwieka

    Kate Cwieka

    AVP - Communications Manager, Avidia Bank

    Kate works at Avidia Bank managing their social media, PR, Communications and Content Marketing Strategy. Additionally, Kate shares her knowledge and experience through classes she teaches for business leaders and public speaking engagements.

  • Kristen Klaus Cropped

    Kristen Klaus

    Senior Vice President of Marketing, The Bank of Missouri

    Kristen leads the Bank’s Marketing and Digital Transformation initiatives. With a keen focus on customer needs, behaviors, and what it takes to provide exceptional customer experiences, she spearheads the development and launch of new technologies, services, and innovations that enhance the bank's performance.

    Follow Kristen on LinkedIn

  • Cb Profile

    Christopher Bonner

    Social Media Coordinator, The Bank of Missouri

    As the Social Media Coordinator for The Bank of Missouri, Chris works in cooperation with the executive and marketing teams, utilizing the power of social media to drive the strategic goals of the organization. He also works to create and curate content to solidify The Bank of Missouri as a thought leader in the community banking sphere.

  • Daylan

    Daylan Romaniuk

    Senior Business Value Analyst, Hootsuite

    Daylan works with Hootsuite’s Retail Banking prospects and clients to help them understand how social media aligns to their organizational objectives. He also researches and analyzes industry trends.

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