A Mid-Year Update on Hootsuite's Social Trends

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Sarah Dawley
Senior Manager, Content at Hootsuite
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Social media doesn’t stand still and neither do we.

At the end of 2020, we forecast what trends we thought would matter most in 2021. Now it’s time to check in: Were our predictions spot on or completely out to lunch?

Then, our trends dream team will look forward.

What trends will matter most in the latter half of 2021? This webinar is your chance to find out?

What you'll learn:

  • How our trends on ROI, baby boomers, brand purpose, and more have panned out

  • The major forces shaping social through the end of 2021

  • Predictions from the experts at Hootsuite about what we think will happen next

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  • Headshot Webinarglo Sarah Dawley 400X400 1

    Sarah Dawley

    Senior Manager, Content at Hootsuite

    As the Senior Manager, Content at Hootsuite Sarah leads the research and analysis of Hootsuite’s global trends report. She brings over a decade of experience in strategy and copywriting, and was a social media manager for some of Canada's largest media organizations prior to joining Hootsuite. Sarah works with our brand team to define and articulate how social media is impacting brands, marketers and consumers.

  • Headshot Ryan G

    Ryan Ginsberg

    Global Director of Paid Social at Hootsuite

    As Global Director of Paid Social at Hootsuite, Ryan leads the enterprise strategy that helps organizations bridge the gap between organic and paid to drive business results through social. He brings 15 years of experience in the digital advertising space with a track record of connecting brands to their customers across platforms.

  • Morgan Photo

    Morgan Zerr

    Principal Business Value Analyst at Hootsuite

    Morgan consults with Hootsuite’s most strategic customers to align social media to their business success. She works through their unique social marketing challenges, and provides strategy and technology recommendations to help them reach their objectives.

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