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Ambassadors are the heart of Hootsuite’s global community.

Around the globe in over 50 countries, our Ambassadors are the heart of Hootsuite’s community. Hootsuite Ambassadors are social media enthusiasts and industry leaders, using Hootsuite to champion the power of human connection.

Why Become a Hootsuite Ambassador?

You have a passion for all things social and are an active user of our Hootsuite products. If sharing best practices with like-minded individuals excites you and you’re a social trendsetter, we should talk!

  • Ambassador Relaunch Onlinerecognition 1

    Online Recognition

    Gain recognition by being able to share your Ambassador position on LinkedIn and online profiles

  • Ambassador Relaunch Exclusive Opportunity Image

    Exclusive Opportunities

    Have the chance to impact new product developments through beta testing and sharing your feedback with us

  • Communities

    Be a part of a growing global community of social marketers that support and cheer each other on

The best part of being an Hootsuite Ambassador is learning from each other. You meet people with different cultures and this allows you to solve problems in a better way... You might not be an employee, but you can feel the company's passion for social media and the team helps us and cares about us no matter where we live.
Arturo Aguirre Headshot
Arturo Aguirre
LATAM Hootsuite Ambassador