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The state of digital in Q4 2019 - 165992

From the rise of Chinese apps like TikTok to the regional impact of 5G, you’ll find the latest insights into the state of digital in our updated report.

In the nine months since the release of our Digital in 2019 report, the number of global internet users has climbed to nearly 4.5 billion. Mobile use has continued to surge ahead, with India alone adding 250,000 mobile users every day. And the internet’s center of gravity continues to shift toward Asia, with six of the world’s ten most-used mobile apps now owned by Chinese companies (and the other four owned by Facebook).

To ensure your brand stays ahead of these changes, we’ve released our latest report, covering the global state of digital. You’ll find all the latest data, along with expert analysis and insights so your business can put these trends into action.

    What You’ll Learn:

  • The global regions leading in rolling out 5G mobile networks—and what it means for marketers
  • Why Pinterest’s growing user base presents an outsize opportunity to increase reach
  • New insights into social commerce, online gaming, the Internet of Things, and more

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