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Sparkcentral Standard Service Level Agreement

Support is provided by the Sparkcentral Customer Support Team (“CST”). Support encompasses technical troubleshooting, functional expertise and instruction on the configuration and use of Sparkcentral products, and general customer service. The terms of the Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) are as follows:


The Subscription Services will be available 99.9% of the time, measured monthly, excluding downtime resulting from the following, referred to as (“Excused Downtime”):

  1. Scheduled Downtime; downtime that is announced by Sparkcentral (see Scheduled Downtime Notification Schedule);

  2. Failure of software, hardware, middleware or systems which are necessary to complete a transaction but which are not provided or controlled by Sparkcentral;

  3. Denial of service attacks on the Customer website, or other failures attributable to the Customer website;

  4. Service interruptions, outages or performance degradation caused by Customer or Customer’s affiliates, users, service providers, vendors or contractors or other third parties not under the control of Sparkcentral;

  5. Force Majeure Events

Services are considered ‘unavailable’ when Customer and their users experience any of the following:

  1. No users can login to the Agent Dashboard;

  2. Cannot receive messages from any subscribed Mediums;

  3. Cannot send messages to any subscribed Mediums

Monitoring of service availability will be performed by Sparkcentral using the following calculation:

a = [(b – c)-d] x 100 / b – c

a” = the percentage of the service availability in such month;
b” = the total number of hours in such month;
c” = the total number of Excused Downtime in such month; and
d” = the total number of hours the Subscription Services are unavailable for reasons other than Excused Downtime in such month.


If Maintenance or Product changes require downtime, Sparkcentral will adhere to the following notification schedule:

Sparkcentral scheduled downtime notification details


Sparkcentral Support normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm Pacific and 9am-5pm Central European time, excluding holidays, and can be contacted by email at


Sparkcentral will acknowledge and respond to all inbound requests as specified in the Severity Support Table below. Resolution times will vary depending on the complexity of the reported problem and/or the nature of the required solution. In some cases, resolution may take longer if:

  • A significant product change is required.

  • A third party network or service (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) is responsible for the underlying problem.

Sparkcentral’s standard framework for problem resolution is to categorize and prioritize problem reports in a typical manner, such as “Severity 1”, “Severity 2”, “Severity 3”, and “Severity 4”. Any production system outage is automatically treated as a high/critical “Severity 1” and triggers a 24×7 development and support commitment until resolved. Lower Severity issues are ranked based on impact to the Customer and issue complexity (see Severity Support Table).

Issues are defined as the product not performing or behaving as defined in product documentation. Reports or requests of non-documented behaviors are considered feature requests and are not subject to this framework for problem resolution.


Details of Sparkcentral severity level 1 support issue

Details of Sparkcentral severity level 2 support issue

Details of Sparkcentral severity level 3 support issue

Details of Sparkcentral severity level 4 support issue


Customer will be notified via email, status page ( or by screen notifications within the Sparkcentral Platform as defined under Scheduled Downtime Notification Schedule. While all attempts are made to notify in advance and minimize interruptions to the service, it may be necessary to respond quickly and update with minimal or without advanced notification if security or service continuity is deemed at risk. Sparkcentral makes every effort to avoid such scenarios.