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Paid and organic—better together, and better on Hootsuite.

Power up your social media strategy with a complete and in-depth view of all your content—from paid ads to organic posts, across multiple channels.

Powerful advertising analytics in an easy interface

All the insights you need in one place

Analyze both performance and engagement metrics across channels for individual ads, ad campaigns, and organic posts.

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What you want to see, how you want to see it

Get a detailed and contextual view of your results when you customize filters by engagement type, basic audience fields, and date range.

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Reporting made easy

Create reports with all the specific metrics you want for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads created both within Hootsuite and natively.

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Multi-channel functionality makes managing ads seamless

No more siloed strategies

See all your efforts in one place and adapt quickly to the changes of social media with a unified paid and organic strategy that lets you play to your strengths.

Be part of every customer’s journey

From increasing brand awareness to consideration and ultimately conversion, get your brand in front of your customers through a cohesive paid and organic approach.

Embrace efficiency

Streamlined processes for both paid and organic content strategies help make the most of your marketing team’s resources.

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    Need to sell your boss on Hootsuite Social Advertising?

    This fancy infosheet has all the nuts and bolts. It’s two pages long and can easily be slipped under office doors or on top of paperwork piles.
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    Do you know what your ads are doing?

    Stop wondering if your ads actually resonate with your audience. This guide has 5 simple steps to help you calculate campaign ROI.

See how Hootsuite Social Advertising can strengthen your social strategy with a unified approach.