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How a global insurance company unified its social media strategy

Founded in 1933, MAPFRE is a global insurance group with offices in over 100 countries across five continents. The company’s 36,000 employees serve over 30 million customers worldwide.

MAPFRE uses Hootsuite to deliver a consistent brand message across its global network of
agents and brokers.

  • 2M+
    followers on social networks
  • 31%
    increase in online interactions
  • 200M+
    comments received per year

The spanish insurance giant greatly increased its digital presence

Faced with growing demands from its clients, insurance company Mapfre knew that it needed to restructure its social media accounts. However, this new model needed to meet a very specific combination of needs. On the one hand, the many different teams located in countries around the world needed to retain their autonomy. On the other, this same model also needed to provide a unified, secure and global way of working from a corporate perspective.For a look into the challenges faced and successes achieved by Spain’s leading insurance company, download Mapfre’s story now.

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How they did it

The social media team at MAPFRE began by conducting an audit of the digital channels the company was using to engage with customers online. During the audit, the team uncovered over 80 official social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, in addition to multiple region-specific profiles.

What they did

MAPFRE brought more than 80 social media accounts together and now manages them with Hootsuite. By consolidating account management on a single platform and rolling out continuous employee training, MAPFRE has gained a single, clear picture of its social media activity, creating transparency in its processes and improving its global customer service strategy.

With a global strategy now implemented in the majority of the countries in which it operates— including Spain, Peru, Brazil, and Mexico—the MAPFRE social media team can consistently and securely manage its 80+ social media profiles.

The results

MAPFRE’s guiding principle is to move closer to its customers in everything they do. The company’s newly coordinated presence on social networks has enabled it to provide valuable online service to those customers—all while increasing its reach and engagement on social media.

Put social media to work in every corner of your business

Trusted by 22+ million users in 175+ countries for managing social media.

Thanks to the support of Hootsuite, we now have a single picture of MAPFRE’s position on social networks. Now we have the bases covered, and we know what we have, the profiles we manage, and the people who work on them.
Jaime Valverde
Corporate Director for Social Networks

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