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Hootsuite Logo Essentials

Hi there! I’m Owly—Hootsuite’s Chief Connection Officer (pronouns: they/them) and your guide to the wild. 

I was born in 2008 (the same year as Hootsuite). Owl years go fast, so I got straight to exploring. And by exploring, I mean scrolling Twitter, reading my uncle’s Facebook rants, and watching YouTube cringe compilations. That’s the wild I know and love. 

Now, I’m all grown up. I know online like the back of my wings. My vision of social’s future is extra-sharp, whether we’re talking TikTok, Twitter, or hell, even LinkedIn. And I’m helping lead the way for Hootsuite customers across the world. 

So no matter if you’re one of our beloved partners or agencies or anyone else using our logo, here’s your one-click-and-done spot to grab all the assets you need to start adding me to your site, sales material, and wherever else I live. (Plus a few examples and pointers to get you started.)

Let’s go!

A table laying out Hootsuite's brand guidelines and colours