As marketers increase their spend on social media, they’re under constant scrutiny to display ROI from their campaigns. Yet according to the CMO Survey, 70% of CMOs report that they are unable to show any impact yet or only have a qualitative sense of impact but no quantitative measurement from their social media investments.

To understand ROI from your social marketing campaigns, it’s important to understand the different metrics to track across all your organic and paid channels.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how you can identify and track the right metrics across paid and organic channels to measure and prove the ROI of your social marketing strategy.

What You'll Learn

  • What metrics to track on organic and what to track on paid campaigns
  • How an integrated view of organic and paid campaigns can help you prove—and improve—ROI
  • The right metrics to report to your leadership team to showcase success

  • Photo of Ryan Ginsberg

    Ryan Ginsberg

    Senior Manager of Social Ads at Hootsuite

    Ryan brings 15 years experience in the digital advertising space with a track record of connecting brands to their customers across platforms.  As Senior Manager of Social Ads at Hootsuite, he leads the Enterprise strategy that helps organizations bridge the gap between organic and paid to drive business results through social.  Prior to Hootsuite, Ryan hailed from Twitter where he helped launch their Canadian operations, educating marketing professionals on the strategies, tactics and measurement of social ads.

  • Photo of Savi Chakraborty

    Savi Chakraborty

    Product Marketing Manager, Ads, Hootsuite

    Savi is product marketer for Hootsuite Ads and leads the go-to-market strategy to drive value for customers through social advertising.

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  • Photo of Ami Heller

    Ami Heller

    Ads Services Manager, Hootsuite

    Ami is a subject matter expert on Hootsuite Ads. He manages training our customers on social advertising, enabling them to use Hootsuite Ads to drive higher ROI with their campaigns.

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