AMA with McDonald’s Corporate Social Team

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Hayley Schoner
Supervisor, Digital & Social, McDonald’s
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McDonald’s Global Corporate Social team has one goal: to build and maintain brand reputation and trust while aligning with the CEO’s mandate to focus on people, food, business and planet. To measure the impact of digital on its communications strategy, McDonald’s looked to Hootsuite to link its social media activity to web activity to understand user journeys and have meaningful conversations with the right people, at the right time.

The Corporate Social team now has a seat at the table to prove their strategy is working. Executives are listening and have buy-in because the team is providing them with data-backed decisions.

Join Hootsuite’s Priya Sam for an AMA with McDonald’s Corporate Social Team. Tweet your questions now using the hashtag #AskMcDonalds.

  • How to prove the impact of Social Media Marketing to leadership through measurement
  • How to connect social media activity to web activity for insights into the customer journey
  • Best practices in social media marketing

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  • Webinar Mcdonalds Headshot Schoner 400X400

    Hayley Schoner

    Supervisor, Digital & Social, McDonald’s

    Hayley spent the beginning of her career working in professional baseball and a chain of baseball themed steakhouses in Chicago before finding home at the Golden Arches. Serving as a utility player in the digital space for the Global Communications department, she launched before pivoting to focus on efficiency and impact in digital channel measurement.

    Hayley on LinkedIn

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    Mary Kozelka

    Manager, Story Lab, McDonald’s

    Mary is a former NBC news producer who now serves as the Editor-In-Chief of the McDonald’s Story Lab. In her role she oversees all content creation for McDonald’s Corporate channels. Her firm belief that any topic can make for a good story – even food safety – has led to revolution in McDonald’s content strategy, especially for Global CEO Chris Kempczinski.

    Mary on LinkedIn

  • Webinar Mcdonalds Headshot Priya 400X400

    Priya Sam

    Solutions Consultant, Hootsuite

    Priya Sam is a Solutions Consultant at Hootsuite working with enterprise clients on strategy and growth. She is client focused and prioritizes keeping up with industry trends and changes to help clients stay informed and ahead of the curve. Priya is also a former national news anchor and morning show host and the host of Turning Point with Priya Sam, an innovative podcast and YouTube show.

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