Data Processing Addendum

Hootsuite makes available a data processing addendum to assist our customers in complying with European Data Protection Laws, and obligations and requirements of the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), and other applicable European Data Protection Laws, when data controllers enter into agreements with data processors, controllers need to ensure that personal data is protected and handled in a manner that is compliant with these laws. This means that where your organization is acting as a data controller, you may enter into a GDPR Data Processing Addendum (“GDPR DPA”) by having an authorized individual execute this agreement according to the instructions below.

Hootsuite sets out how it complies with the CCPA in section 10 of our Privacy Policy. If your organization requires a CCPA Addendum, please have an authorized individual execute this agreement according to the instructions below.


The DPA (whether the GDPR DPA or CCPA Addendum), forms part of the applicable Terms of Service or other agreement between Customer and Hootsuite Inc. governing Customer's access to and use of Hootsuite's services (the “Agreement”). Except for changes made by the DPA, your Agreement will remain unchanged and is in full force and effect. If there is a conflict between any provision in the DPA and any provision in the Agreement, the DPA controls and takes precedence.

The DPAs have been pre-signed by Hootsuite. To incorporate the DPAs into your Hootsuite Agreement, please have an authorized individual use the applicable link below to complete your customer details and sign the DPA via Hootsuite’s electronic signature webform.

Please be aware that emails sent from the electronic signature platform may take 5-10 minutes to deliver.

Hootsuite DPAs

Sparkcentral DPAs