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Facebook Tools added to HootSuite Include Search, Groups, Events, Photos and Geo-Location

HootSuite releases improved Facebook functionality to the popular social media management system. With added support for Groups, Events and Geo-targeting – along with updated tools for Profiles and Pages – HootSuite’s 2 million+ users can manage complex social media campaigns from a single, web-based tool.

August 30th, 2011 Vancouver, Canada – HootSuite announces new tools to allow complete Facebook campaign management from within the social media dashboard. The release includes support for Facebook Groups and Events as well as enhancements to the Pages and Profiles tools. Additionally, customers can now search all public postings on Facebook – a HootSuite exclusive – to monitor brand mentions. These tools join HootSuite’s integration with Facebook Insights analytics tool to create a comprehensive feature set.

Facebook Tools in HootSuite

The new tools are designed to assist marketing teams with the execution of complete campaigns including broadcasting messaging and monitoring customer conversations.

Brand Monitoring: Track mentions across all public Facebook updates including wall posts, comments and news feeds.

Photos Uploading: Upload and schedule images directly to Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups.

Search Streams: About 20% of all Facebook content is public and now searchable in an exclusive HootSuite feature (not available on

Geo-Targeting: Enterprise customers can target messaging by geo-region or by language for true global marketing. Along with the Facebook functionality, HootSuite improved existing features, including:

Compose Box: Improved interface for attaching links and photos, scheduling updates, and adding Twitter geo-coordinates.

Profile Picker: Auto-completing tool to accurately choose the correct social profile amongst many – includes favorites and defaults.

Report Library: Social Analytics reports – including Google Analytics and Facebook Insights – now work seamlessly between web, PDF and print views.

Facebook for Business

With the widespread adoption of Facebook, companies have a powerful platform for building community, running promotions and engaging with customers. But as businesses and organizations use this social network to outreach to customers, the need for strategic, editorial tools became increasingly important. With the new HootSuite features, marketing and communications teams now can efficiently manage the complete project life-cycle alongside other important channels like Twitter and Linkedin.”

Ryan Holmes CEO, HootSuite

HootSuite is a member of the Facebook Preferred Developer Program and recently shared usage data in an infographic to share the usages patterns of over 2 million users at:

HootSuite’s social media management tool is available in Basic (free), Pro and Enterprise plans with versions for web and mobile: iOS4 (iPhone/iPad/iPod), Android, and BlackBerry.

Release Materials

Blog Post: (published at 5AM PDT Aug. 30th)Landing Page: (published at 5AM PDT Aug. 30th)

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HootSuite Facebook Integration from HootSuite on Vimeo.


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HootSuite's Facebook Functionality in the Dashboard

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HootSuite Compose Box with Profile Picket and Scheduling.

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Geo Targeting Campaigns in HootSuite


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