The Global State of Digital 2022 (April Update)

A lot can change in a few months, especially when it comes to social media, search, ecommerce, and online advertising—so you should always have the most current digital marketing data. Luckily, the updated Digital 2022 Report from Hootsuite and We Are Social has exactly that. 

Stay ahead of the curve with the newest edition of our Top Takeaways that gives you a snapshot of the latest must-know insights—or scroll on to see the full report.

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Save time with our Top Takeaways

A fast look at the digital marketing data you really need to know to give your business an edge.

  • Key stats to consider for digital and social strategy planning
  • What the insights mean for your brand
  • How to put the data into action

The stats you care about most

Too busy to sift through 300 pages of data? Our Top Takeaways are like an earmarked version of the full report—with a focus on game-changing social media insights and recommendations to help you build your social strategy with confidence.

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Get into the Game

Survey says… everything you need to know about the latest digital data! Our game-show-style webinar is back by popular demand. Tune in to play What’s That Stat!? where you’ll battle it out against fellow marketers while learning how to use the insights to transform your social strategy and reach your business goals.

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