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Social Media Trends Report 2019

Using data from 3255 respondents, interviews with industry analysts, and exhaustive market research, this report will help you understand where social is going.

Where is social going in 2019? The industry changes at lightning speed, so every year we forecast social media trends to help you improve your strategy. Learn what these trends are, and get all the tools you need to put them into practice.

  • The 5 trends we’ve forecasted for 2019 - We’ve forecasted trends using data from over 3255 respondents, interviews with industry analysts, and exhaustive market research.
  • Brand examples of each trend - See how real brands are starting, or are already on board with, the trends we’ve predicted.
  • Tips to put these trends into practice for your brand - Our team of social experts has provided usable tips and suggestions to use these trends to your advantage for 2019.

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