How to Attract the Best Talent (and Keep Them!) with Employee Advocacy

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Yann Dirheimer
Yann Dirheimer
Customer Marketing Director | Hootsuite


Loud, happy employees are the ULTIMATE green flag for work cultures. Teams that like their work speak up proudly on social….. and candidates also know what radio silence means. For HR, employee advocacy can be the literal difference between so-so hires and top talent. 

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll break down why employee advocates are a recruiter’s secret weapon, and why socially engaged employees find more meaning at work. After that, we'll show you how to run your first employee advocacy campaign and let you learn from your peers during our customer panel.

  • How employee advocacy helps you attract and keep better candidates
  • How to create and share employee advocacy content
  • Tips for motivating your team to share posts (and stay engaged long-term)
  • Metrics that show you how advocacy campaigns boost your recruiting pipeline
  • Advocacy strategies that work for your peers at top brands

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  • Yann Dirheimer

    Yann Dirheimer

    Customer Marketing Director, Hootsuite
  • Jean-Loup Wirotius

    Chief Marketing and Growth Officer, Mistertemp

    After 7 years working for different publishers and e-commerce companies, Jean-Loup Wirotius joined the French staffing leader Mistertemp’ group to launch their digital offer. This year, Mistertemp’ group directly provided jobs to more 55 000 workers.

  • Lola Chamorro

    Senior Global Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition, Meliá Hotels International

    With more than 8 years of professional experience in the HR area, Lola is currently the Senior Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition for Melia Hotels International where her main mission is the attraction of talent and positioning of the employer brand, as well as the management of young talent.

  • Brayden Cohen Headshot

    Brayden Cohen

    Team Lead, Social Marketing and Employee Advocacy II, Hootsuite

    Brayden Cohen is the Social Marketing Lead at Hootsuite. Over the past 5 years, he's worked in customer-centric marketing roles with start-up and purpose-driven brands. In his current role, Brayden works on strategic campaigns for Hootsuite's social marketing channels of 9+ million users, along with managing their employee advocacy program.

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How to Attract the Best Talent (and Keep Them!) with Employee Advocacy

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