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Category:Brand Protection Best Practices

Is Customer Care the New Marketing?

Join Christoph Neut—former CEO of Sparkcentral, now VP of Sales at Hootsuite—to learn how leading organizations are using social customer care to drive operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.


8 April 2021

Social and messaging platforms have increasingly become where people engage with brands and organizations. Yet after racing to ramp up their digital presence in 2020, many businesses now find themselves struggling to manage the explosion of digital customer care inquiries without sacrificing quality.

To build stronger relationships with customers, it’s more important than ever to enable your team to deliver efficient, effective customer care across all your social channels. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to announce that we’re bringing Sparkcentral—the most advanced customer care solution—to the Hootsuite platform.

What you’ll learn

  • What shifting consumer expectations mean for the future of customer care
  • How to improve operational efficiency while supporting the customer journey across digital channels
  • How leading organizations are increasing customer loyalty and advocacy with social customer care
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Headshot Sparkcentral Christoph Neut
Christoph Neut
VP, Sales at Hootsuite
Headshot Sparkcentral Goran Van Hese
Göran van Hese
Director, Customer Success at Hootsuite

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