Social Media Trends 2020

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Sarah Dawley
Senior Manager, Content at Hootsuite
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What’s in store for social in 2020?

We surveyed over 3100 marketers to discover where social is headed in 2020. Join us to get the key insights in our 4th annual trends report.

Looking ahead, 2020 will bring a world where leading brands search for balance between private and public customer engagement, Gen Z TikTok their way to the top of the social status quo, and social marketers find themselves under pressure to adapt their skills in a performance-driven marketing landscape.

Our webinar will take you through the 5 trends that brands are focusing on in 2020, featuring practical recommendations, expert analysis of global consumer behavior, and a live Q&A to help inform your marketing plan in 2020.

  • 5 trends that will change how leading brands use social in 2020
  • The new skills social marketers must build to make themselves indispensable
  • Advanced measurement methods from high performing organizations

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  • Headshot Webinarglo Sarah Dawley 400X400 1

    Sarah Dawley

    Senior Manager, Content at Hootsuite

    As the Senior Manager, Content at Hootsuite Sarah leads the research and analysis of Hootsuite’s global trends report. She brings over a decade of experience in strategy and copywriting, and was a social media manager for some of Canada's largest media organizations prior to joining Hootsuite. Sarah works with our brand team to define and articulate how social media is impacting brands, marketers and consumers.

  • Headshot Ryan G

    Ryan Ginsberg

    Global Director of Paid Social at Hootsuite

    As Global Director of Paid Social at Hootsuite, Ryan leads the enterprise strategy that helps organizations bridge the gap between organic and paid to drive business results through social. He brings 15 years of experience in the digital advertising space with a track record of connecting brands to their customers across platforms.

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