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Social Trends 2024: Nonprofit Webinar
Category:Social Media Essentials

Social Trends 2024: Nonprofit

Boost your nonprofit's influence in 2024 with our webinar, showcasing new data and strategies for meaningful engagement and action on social media.


A new year presents new opportunities for your organization to raise awareness, inspire action, and drive real value from relationships built on social. 

Join us for our webinar, where we’ll reveal new data, examples, and insights on how nonprofit organizations like yours can win on social in 2024.

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Laura Zubick (she/her)
Laura Zubick
Social Impact Manager,
Eva New Bw
Eva Taylor
Director Social Impact,
Kathleen Murphy
Kathleen Murphy
Director of Digital Strategy,
Giving Tuesday
William Lounsbury
William Lounsbury
Projects Director,
Witness Change
Wajiha Suboor
Wajiha Suboor
Social Media Manager,
Plan International Canada

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