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Trends in Action: Perfecting Social Customer Service


9 June 2022

Whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop or your country’s biggest airline, you’re probably already doing social customer care. (Go you!) 

If that’s news to you, don’t sweat it. Every time you respond to a question in your DMs or reply to a comment on your Instagram is a small act of social customer service. But that’s just the jumping-off point—you can create so much extra growth for your brand by meeting customers where they already are. 

Want to get started? Then join some of social’s best and brightest for our Trends In Action webinar on 9 June. 

By the end of this panel discussion, you’ll know how to serve hundreds of customers at once on social (without going completely bonkers!) and unlock value in ways you hadn’t considered. Let’s answer all your burning questions.

What you’ll learn

  • Why you should respond to all those questions in your DMs
  • How to establish a social customer care process
  • The tools that make social customer care a piece of cake
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Headshot of Trish Riswick
Trish Riswick
Social Engagement Specialist,
Headshot of Katherine Aguilar
Katherine Aguilar
Customer Support Advocate,

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