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AMA with McDonald’s Corporate Social Team


May 27, 2021

McDonald’s Global Corporate Social team has one goal: to build and maintain brand reputation and trust while aligning with the CEO’s mandate to focus on people, food, business and planet. To measure the impact of digital on its communications strategy, McDonald’s looked to Hootsuite to link its social media activity to web activity to understand user journeys and have meaningful conversations with the right people, at the right time.

The Corporate Social team now has a seat at the table to prove their strategy is working. Executives are listening and have buy-in because the team is providing them with data-backed decisions.

Join Hootsuite’s Priya Sam for an AMA with McDonald’s Corporate Social Team. Tweet your questions now using the hashtag #AskMcDonalds.

What you’ll learn

  • How to prove the impact of Social Media Marketing to leadership through measurement
  • How to connect social media activity to web activity for insights into the customer journey
  • Best practices in social media marketing
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Webinar Mcdonalds Headshot Schoner 400X400
Hayley Schoner
Supervisor, Digital & Social, McDonald’s
Webinar Mcdonalds Headshot Kozelka 400X400
Mary Kozelka
Manager, Story Lab, McDonald’s
Webinar Mcdonalds Headshot Priya 400X400
Priya Sam
Solutions Consultant, Hootsuite

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