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Social Trends 2024: Healthcare
Category:Social Media Essentials

Social Trends 2024: Healthcare

Learn key strategies for enhancing awareness, relationship-building, and tackling misinformation in healthcare social media with our insightful on-demand webinar.


From raising awareness and deepening relationships, to combating misinformation and ensuring compliance—navigating the wild world of social media can be tricky for organizations like yours.

Consider this webinar your north star for 2024. We’ll uncover new data and highlight the top social media trends specific to the healthcare industry.

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Sarah Dawley New Bw
Sarah Dawley
Senior Manager, Content,
Jordana Rapuch
Jordana Rapuch
Senior Copywriter,
Julia Escaño
Julia Escaño
Campaign Strategist,
Headshot of Trish Riswick
Trish Riswick
Social Engagement Specialist,

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