Hootsuite Subprocessors

Subprocessor list last updated: September 28, 2020

Hootsuite Inc. and its affiliates (collectively, “Hootsuite”) engages and uses third party subprocessors (“Subprocessors”) to help us provide the Services.

Hootsuite’s Subprocessors provide infrastructure, data storage, system logging services, and other tools that facilitate the delivery of the Services including customer support and email communications. These Subprocessors may be provided access to Customer Content and Mentions that may contain information about individuals, however they are only permitted to use this information to support the Services.

As part of Hootsuite’s commitment to keep your data secure, we evaluate our Subprocessors’ privacy and security practices prior to engaging them. We also require our Subprocessors to enter into data processing agreements that maintain the confidentiality of your data and incorporate data protection obligations consistent with applicable privacy laws.


Entity Name

Subprocessing Activities

Location of Servers

Means of lawful transfer of data from the EU (where required)

Links to Subprocessor security webpages

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Cloud Service Provider - Infrastructure and Storage

United States

Standard Contractual Clauses

https://aws.amazon.com/s3/security/; https://aws.amazon.com/security/ and https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/data-center/controls/

Sendgrid, Inc.

Cloud Service Provider - In-App Email Delivery

United States

Standard Contractual Clauses


Sumo Logic, Inc.

Cloud Service Provider - Log Management and Security Analytics

United States

Standard Contractual Clauses


MongoDB, Inc.

Cloud Service Provider - Database Service

United States

Standard Contractual Clauses


Zendesk, Inc.

Cloud Service Provider - Customer Support Services

United States

Standard Contractual Clauses



In the event Hootsuite adds or removes Subprocessors, Hootsuite will post such updates here. Please check back frequently for updates.