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HootSuite Reaches Three Millionth Signup Milestone for Social Media Management Dashboard

HootSuite reaches three millionth signup milestone on their social media management dashboard. To illustrate trends and patterns, HootSuite releases an infographic highlighting signup milestones and revenue (run rate), the top ten signups by country, daily usage percentages via web and mobile devices, newly added social networks, and effective reach of messages sent daily.

January 17th, 2012, Vancouver, Canada – HootSuite announces a noteworthy milestone today as their three millionth user, Alan from Sao Paulo, Brazil, signs up for a HootSuite account. The tool, which allows users to manage multiple social networks through a social media management dashboard, launched in December 2008. HootSuite has grown from a startup company to a worldwide industry leader and makes this announcement only six months after their previous two millionth user milestone in July 2011. To celebrate this newest milestone, HootSuite recognizes each of their millionth milestone signups:

  • 1 Millionth User: Cristina of A Coruña, Spain

  • 2 Millionth User: Amox of Berlin, Germany

  • 3 Millionth User: Alan of Sao Paulo, Brazil

HootSuite enhances the the way people communicate using social media. At present, over 700 million messages have been sent through over 6 million unique social profiles. Brands and individuals use the dashboard to securely collaborate with teams and engage across multiple networks and accounts. Since HootSuite’s two millionth user milestone announcement, the company has added additional social networks including: Facebook Groups, Google+ Pages, LinkedIn Company Pages, and LinkedIn Groups. These social networks join the existing offering of Facebook, Facebook Pages, FourSquare, LinkedIn, mixi, MySpace,, Twitter, and WordPress. HootSuite’s recent launch of the App Directory also allows for integration with Constant Contact, Flickr, Formulists, Get Satisfaction, Summify, Tumblr, and YouTube – with plans to add additional integrations in the near future.

3 Millionth Signup Milestone Infographic

To illustrate trends and patterns, HootSuite releases an infographic highlighting signup milestones and revenue (run rate), the top ten signups by country, daily usage percentages via web and mobile devices, newly added social networks, and effective reach of messages sent daily. The infographic can be viewed and downloaded below.

Tactical outreach to international markets has resulted in significant growth of accounts across the globe. HootSuite now offers access to their dashboard in five languages, including English, French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. When ranking HootSuite user signups by country, the top ranking countries include: (1) USA, (2) Japan, (3) UK, (4) Canada, (5) Brazil, (6) Indonesia, (7) Netherlands, (8) Spain, (9) Mexico, and (10) Australia.

Currently 80% of HootSuite users access the dashboard from the web platforms, while the other 20% choose to access through mobile devices. Usage on mobile devices show that 57% of users log onto the HootSuite dashboard using iPhones, 26% using Android smartphones, 3% using Blackberry smartphones, and 14% using iPads. At the three millionth milestone, the newly added social networks include 45% Facebook (Facebook features, pages, groups), 42% Twitter, 8% LinkedIn and 5% other. Regardless of platform used, HootSuite’s users spread messages with the possibility of significant reach. When multiplying the 1.5 million users on the dashboard per day by the number of average followers on each social media account, the effective reach of each message send can spread to 1.7 billion people.

HootSuite’s current dashboard reflects a pattern of rapid iterations and significant release announcements since their two millionth user milestone, including:

  • Integration of Facebook tools including search, groups, events, photos and geo-location

  • Becoming a LinkedIn Certified Developer and adding deeper LinkedIn integration

  • 3 million in financing, plus acquisition of TwapperKeeper

  • Acquiring location-based marketing tool, Geotoko, to social media management system

  • Addition of YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, and Get Satisfaction to the HootSuite App Directory

  • Addition of Google+ Pages integration in dashboard

  • Series of infographics from What the Trend: Top Trending Topics on Twitter for 2011

  • Addition of Constant Contact, Summify and Formulists to the HootSuite App Directory

  • Continued enhancement and new feature development for Android, Blackberry, and iOS including iPad and iPhone optimizations

Social Media Education

HootSuite has also seen significant growth of users graduating from their Social Media Certification program offered through HootSuite University. On HootSuite’s one millionth user milestone, there were 211 certified professionals. At the two millionth user mark, 480 were certified. In the past six months, the number of HootSuite University graduates rose to 1343 certified professionals on the day they celebrate their three millionth user milestone.

HootSuite’s next steps include additional social media networks and App Directory integrations, new strategic partnerships, further mobile development, new courseware through HootSuite University, and continued expansion of our Enterprise offering.

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