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Discover and Share Content Effortlessly with Hootsuite Suggestions for Mobile

Suggestions enables users to build subject matter expertise and develop deeper relationships across their social channels

VANCOUVER, BC – June 23, 2015 - Hootsuite, the most widely used platform for managing social media, today announced the availability of Suggestions for mobile, a standalone iOS app that makes discovering, scheduling and sharing content easier than ever. With Suggestions, users can stay relevant and timely with the content they share, even while on-the-go.

Also available as a web feature in Publisher, the Suggestions mobile app makes it even more convenient for users to find and distribute content. With people increasingly relying on their mobile devices to manage social media, Suggestions takes the guesswork out of figuring out what content to share with followers by providing a curated list of timely articles and blog posts catered to their interests and expertise.  It helps users better engage with their followers by sparking conversations, and build relationships that generate real world benefits for their business.

“The ability to share quality content with followers is critical to social success. Customers often tell us that they want to share more on social media, but that it’s too time-consuming. Suggestions for mobile allows people to easily find and share content wherever they are and when it's most convenient for them,” says Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite.

With the Suggestions app, users can:

  • Obtain a real-time feed of suggested content that correlates with their interests

  • Easily select relevant articles, which reduces the time spent searching for content or news

  • Share content to any selected social networks with a single swipe

  • Auto schedule to post content at the optimal time to reach followers

“We use Suggestions to improve the heartbeat of our clients’ social media profiles and they are thrilled with the content they’re seeing. Not only are the suggested articles relevant to their industries, but they are also interesting and timely. We like Suggestions so much, we also use it for our own brand,” says Jonathan Goodman, president of Internet marketing agency, Halyard Consulting. 

Suggestions for mobile is available today; it can be downloaded at:

To learn more about Suggestions, visit

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Hootsuite Suggestions provides a list of suggested news stories, articles, and blog posts catered to a user’s interests and expertise.

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Easily share content now or schedule for later in a single swipe.

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Select from automatically suggested topics, or edit them at any time.


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