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HootSuite Launches Assignment Tool to Help Distributed Enterprise Stakeholders Manage Social Media

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While browsing and, HootSuite Assignments empowers HootSuite Pro and Enterprise customers to quickly diffuse crisis situations or take advantage of marketing opportunities in real-time using the new Google Chrome extension

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – March 19, 2013 - HootSuite, makers of the market leading social media management system, releases HootSuite Assignments, a Google Chrome extension that empowers HootSuite Pro and Enterprise clients who are part of HootSuite Teams to quickly assign social media posts to their Team members as they browse and – expanding the team’s monitoring capabilities.

Not every social media crisis or marketing opportunity happens during core office hours. HootSuite Assignments is built to help social media managers who may not be using the HootSuite dashboard, defuse crisis situations or take advantage of marketing opportunities in real-time – keeping social media management at the forefront of the user experience. Posts can quickly be assigned to the most appropriate team member in sales, customer support, public relations, marketing departments and more – then dealt with instantly.

After installing the new HootSuite Assignments extension, HootSuite Team members have access to an Assign To button option, located directly below each social media post on and websites. Users can then:

  1. Choose the HootSuite Team they wish to assign the post in question message to.

  2. Assign to either the entire team, or select the most appropriate member.

  3. Have the option to include a custom message to help guide next action of the message.

After sending an assigned post, the assignee will receive an email notification prompting the assignee to view that post within an in-browser popup menu, which monitors both the progress on tasks that user has been assigned, and tasks have been completed.

“Social media gives businesses the remarkable ability to listen to what the public and their clients are saying about their brand or their product, and then respond in real-time. So effective, enterprise companies are now constantly monitoring and engaging with their audiences on social media networks, using tools like ours,” says Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite. “But we also realize that not all of them are using the HootSuite dashboard all the time. Some are doing this right from or In our business we have to be flexible and adapt quickly to what people need now for a better and smoother social media experience.”

HootSuite Assignments keeps HootSuite Team members assigning messages within, and across their Teams to improve overall audience engagement. Providing large-scale team management, as well as the granular level of control suited to smaller teams, the feature makes it easy to scale social throughout the entire organization and empower teams to engage effectively while maintaining control. The resulting efficiency, accuracy and reduced redundancy are now all just one extension away. Install the HootSuite Assignments extension to get started now.

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