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HootSuite Provides Social Media Command Center to Track Australian Federal Election

VANCOUVER, BC – July 4, 2013 - HootSuite, makers of the market-leading social media management system, has built a custom Australian Election Tracker to share real-time social media updates about the 2013 Australian federal election. The live display will highlight the social element of this hard-fought campaign in one place right up until the next prime minister is announced.

Visit the 2013 Australian Election Tracker live now

Supporters of all Australian political parties can follow along with the discussions and analysis of the parties and their leaders that are taking place in the social space. Candidates Kevin Rudd, the newly reinstated Prime Minister who only recently reclaimed his seat in a Labor Party leadership vote, and Tony Abbott, leader of the Liberal-National Coalition, will be front and center as the Australian Election Tracker displays their every Tweet and visualizes how the public is feeling about them via sentiment analysis as the campaign rolls on.

The Australian Election Tracker will monitor the:

  • Number of Twitter mentions of each party and their Twitter handles

  • Share of voice and sentiment around each party’s Twitter handle

  • Sentiment of Twitter discussions about Labor and Liberal/National Coalition leaders Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott

  • Most recent Tweets of those two party leaders

  • “Likes” and number of people “Talking About” each party on Facebook

“Social media is revolutionizing politics. It’s opened up whole new lines of communication between people and their governments and it’s letting those important conversations happen in a very public and transparent way,” says Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite. “The Australian election is a perfect example of how both politicians and voters can now leverage social media to ensure their voices are heard, when it comes to what matters to them and their country. And we’re excited to provide an integral tool in the process: the HootSuite command center.”

HootSuite Enterprise, used by global brands like Virgin, PepsiCo, Sony Music, FOX, and WWF, is designed for business. With the most advanced tools and services available for security, collaboration, engagement, and analytic measurement of social media strategy, Enterprise is built to bring brands their social ROI. The social media command center is a feature included in the HootSuite Enterprise offering, and has been used to compare the social media success of the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers leading up to Super Bowl XLVII, as well as President Barack Obama and Senator Mitt Romney during their 2012 US election campaigns. Now, HootSuite is heading to Oz to host the race between Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for the 2013 Australian federal election. Visit the Australian Election Tracker now.

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