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HootSuite introduces #AutoSchedule to Optimize Social Media Messaging

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By using AutoSchedule, users can now optimize publishing and scheduling of social messages at the touch of a button.

VANCOUVER, BC – July 17, 2012 - HootSuite, makers of the market-leading social media management dashboard, have added AutoSchedule technology to their Hootlet browser extension, available free through the Google Chrome Store, as an add-on for the Firefox web browser or through the HootSuite dashboard. AutoSchedule analyzes users’ social activity and their followers’, automatically delivering each message at an optimal time in order to maximize reach and avoid swamping followers with too many updates at once.

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AutoSchedule is just one addition to the new and improved Hootlet, HootSuite’s browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and others. Extra nifty features:

  • Custom Content Sharing – Use Hootlet to highlight custom text or images on websites, then right click to share content to users social networks.

  • New Personalized Options:  Customizable settings let users set up Hootlet the way they like it (visit Chrome > Extensions)

“Instead of our users manually selecting what time they want to schedule or post their social media messages using our Scheduling feature, they can use our new AutoScheduler to optimize and automate the scheduling process. ” says Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite. “Our users have told us they want to enjoy finding and sharing content and to spend less time worrying about the best time of day to share it.”

What’s Hootlet?

HootSuite launched their Hootlet back in 2009. It’s a helpful little browser extension. When users come across something interesting to share, all they have to do is click the small owl icon in their toolbar. Hootlet pops up, with the website’s title and a handy, shortened URL all ready to publish to social networks.

AutoSchedule makes Hootlet even better, letting users schedule posts for an optimal time with one click. For marketing teams, it’s a surefire way to get the most out of social media initiatives.  Maximize social budgets by connecting with followers at optimal times, selected by AutoSchedule’s smart algorithm.

When will AutoSchedule be available for the main HootSuite dashboard?

Stay tuned. HootSuite plans to roll out AutoSchedule on their dashboard later this summer.

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HootSuite Media, Inc.Sandy Pell, @HootSandyPublic and Analyst

AutoSchedule analyzes your social activity and your followers’, automatically blasting out messages at an optimal time in order to maximize reach and avoid swamping followers with too many updates at once.


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