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Hootsuite Launches Employee Advocacy Solution to Boost Social Reach and Increase Employee Engagement

Hootsuite Amplify empowers organizations’ employees to share company content across their social channels

VANCOUVER, BC – October 14, 2015 - Hootsuite, the most widely used platform for managing social media, today introduces Hootsuite Amplify, an employee advocacy solution that helps organizations leverage their most dedicated advocates - their employees - to help promote the company’s brand. When an organization has news and content they want to publicize externally, employees can use the Hootsuite Amplify mobile app to easily share that content across their social networks, anywhere and at anytime.

According to a September 2015 Forrester report, “Advocate marketing multiplies the number and reach of voices talking about you — at a much lower cost than traditional print and paid online channels. Beyond quantity, advocate content and interactions are more valuable because buyers see them as authentic validation, not paid promotion."*

By empowering employees to actively participate in sharing relevant company content and successes on their own social networks, organizations also increase employee satisfaction. With Hootsuite’s mobile-centric solution, employees can stay connected to the stories and news resonating across different departments, divisions, and regions, as well as build their own personal brand. According to Gallup Research, when organizations successfully engage their customers and their employees, they see a 240 percent boost in performance-related business outcomes.  

“Employees want to actively contribute to an organization’s success,” says Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite. “Amplify makes it easy for employees to share approved content with their own social networks, empowering them to be advocates who are engaged and connected with their company.”

Hootsuite Amplify makes it simple for organizations to extend the reach of their social media campaigns. Organizations will be able to:

  • Boost awareness of brand, product and social responsibility campaigns

  • Increase employee engagement, happiness, and retention

  • Measure and optimize team participation, content performance, and social reach

“Amplify will provide an unprecedented opportunity to activate and empower our audiences in a whole new way, allowing our team to curate the content most important to them. It’s absolutely a game changer,” says Nikki Sunstrum, director of social media, University of Michigan.

On October 27, Hootsuite will host a webinar on how organizations can empower employees to amplify social messaging. Guest speaker Laura Ramos, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research will join Matt Switzer, vice president of corporate development at Hootsuite to discuss:

  • Why organizations should be empowering employees to amplify social messaging

  • A framework for launching a successful employee advocacy program

  • How organizations can motivate and inspire employees to become brand advocates 

*"Advocate Marketing Creates B2B Customer Relationships That Last A Lifetime," Forrester Research, September 28, 2015

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Caption: Hootsuite Amplify makes it easy for employees to share company content across their social channels.


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