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Hootsuite and LinkedIn Join Forces to Launch Hootsuite Academy Platform Training Prep Course on LinkedIn Learning

Hootsuite Academy partners with LinkedIn Learning to launch its Hootsuite Platform Training Prep Course on LinkedIn Learning Platform

VANCOUVER, BC — September 22, 2023 Hootsuite is thrilled to announce today its partnership with LinkedIn Learning, set to equip social media professionals with the essential skills and learning content they need to excel in their role. The collaboration will introduce Hootsuite Platform Training Certification Prep Course to LinkedIn Learning's user base—extending Hootsuite’s library of educational resources to LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network where members added over 500M new skills in the last year alone. With over 1.4 million unique enrolled Hootsuite Academy learners and 259,000 certifications granted, this partnership recements Hootsuite’s commitment to delivering valuable insights and education in social media management to individuals around the globe.

According to Hootsuite’s 2023 Social Media Career Report, 62% of people who work in social media today have had no formal education on the subject. Hootsuite’s goal with this partnership is to help bridge the education gap and provide readily accessible social marketing education to learners who are looking to uplevel their skills and be the strategic social voice at the table.

"We see LinkedIn Learning as the perfect partner to expand our Hootsuite Platform Training Prep Course to a wider audience,” said Ellen Terchila, Chief Customer Officer, Hootsuite. “This collaboration enables us to empower our customers and social media professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to mine the most value out of the Hootsuite platform. We are eager to see the positive impact this partnership will have on the careers of life-long learners worldwide who are looking to elevate their knowledge on social.”

Through this partnership, LinkedIn Learning members will be able to:

  • Build In-Demand Skills: With the Hootsuite Platform Certification Course, learners can expect to develop the skills to use core Hootsuite products to their full potential, boosting the impact of social media efforts, content creation, analyzing metrics, driving results and proving ROI.

  • Prepare for Certification: Learners who complete this course will be well-prepared to embark on the next phase of their educational journey, which includes the option to pursue the Hootsuite Platform Certification. The certification is Industry-recognized and  demonstrates expertise with the world’s most-used social media management platform to clients and employers. The permanent online certificate allows learners who complete it to showcase their Hootsuite expertise and link to it in their blog, website, or any other online profile.

    • The online exam is based on Hootsuite's free online Platform Training courseware—a series of 45 video tutorials covering everything from engaging with prospects  to running effective social media campaigns and contests, using Hootsuite.

    • Learners can visit Hootsuite Academy to take the exam for $99 USD and can take both the Fundamentals and Advanced courses on LinkedIn Learning here to be fully prepared for the exam. 

      • The Fundamentals of Using Hootsuite chapter will teach learners the advantages of using Hootsuite to manage their social media presence and the best practices for quickly setting up and using the Hootsuite dashboard. The chapter covers how to use Hootsuite to compose, schedule and post social media messages, attach photos and videos to tweets and posts, and listen to relevant social media conversations. The chapter also takes learners through basic functionality of Hootsuite Mobile and the step by step process for using the Hootsuite App directory.

      • Learners can continue preparing for the Hootsuite Platform certification exam in the 2 Advanced Uses course. This course—the second in a two-part series designed and produced in consultation with social media marketing strategists and experts—covers advanced tactics for engaging more effectively with your social media audience, using Hootsuite Inbox 2.0, publishing collaborative and scheduled content, suspending posts, and more. Along the way, learners will be taught how to efficiently engage with audiences on YouTube, on Twitter, and in specific geographical areas. They will also get a chance to hone their skills using Hootsuite Analytics for shared reporting, post-performance analysis, and competitive benchmarking.

Learn more about this course and other certifications from Hootsuite Academy here

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