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Hootsuite Announces Partnership with TechSoup to Scale Its HootGiving Program for Nonprofits

VANCOUVER, BC — May 9, 2023 —  Hootsuite today announced a partnership with TechSoup to leverage their Nonprofit Validation Services as a trusted solution and help boost Hootsuite’s HootGiving Program for the nonprofit sector. Through the HootGiving program, eligible nonprofit organizations can save up to 75% on Hootsuite’s social media management tools and Hootsuite Academy courses and certifications to help them unlock the power of social to amplify purposeful causes at scale. 

“In today’s world, social media is one of the most powerful tools a nonprofit can use to tell their story, share real time information during times of crisis, and inspire people to take action on the causes that matter to them,” said Eva Taylor, Director of Social Impact, Hootsuite. “Integrating with TechSoup’s services will enable us to scale the HootGiving Program securely and efficiently to reach even more nonprofits globally.”

Hootsuite’s goal in scaling the HootGiving program is to empower organizations to access the tools and expertise they need to confidently manage their social marketing efforts, while saving time and making a bigger impact on the world. 

In a recent Hootsuite survey of over 2,000 nonprofit organizations, 51% of respondents shared that growing and reaching the right audience on social media was their biggest challenge, followed by 39% of respondents reporting that their greatest challenge is not having the dedicated time to create and implement an effective social media strategy. Respondents already using Hootsuite reported that using Hootsuite's tools saved them an average of 130 hours per year.

“Hootsuite is a great tool for nonprofits because it makes social media listening across platforms simple and orderly,” said Elizabeth Hunt, Senior Director, Global Network Marketing and Enterprise Communications, TechSoup. “It makes scheduling social media posts across multiple platforms easy and organized, without appearing to originate from a 3rd party tool. It's one of the industry standard tools and one of  the first products we recommend for social media managers of all levels. It has an intuitive interface for newbies and a robust knowledge base so even a novice can take advantage of their advanced toolset.”

The TechSoup Global Network serves a community of over 1 million charities and NGOs with its nonprofit online marketplace and other programs. 

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Hootsuite helps customers harness the power of social to ignite their brand and business. As the global leader in social media management, Hootsuite powers social media for brands and organizations around the world, from the smallest businesses to the largest enterprises. Hootsuite’s unparalleled expertise in social media management, social insights, employee advocacy, and social customer care empowers organizations to strategically grow their brands, businesses, and customer relationships with social media.

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About TechSoup

TechSoup is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the US, and the leader and founder of the TechSoup Global Network. For more than 30 years, TechSoup has been a trusted ally to civil society organizations to deliver mission-critical solutions and community that enable people to work together toward a more equitable world. Through the network, TechSoup offers the only global philanthropy program that brings together more than 825 corporations and foundations to provide technology donations, skills building tools, knowledge and support to help NGOs more effectively deliver on their mission. TechSoup's data and validation services enable companies, foundations, and governments to connect their philanthropic resources with vetted NGOs in 236 countries and territories. TechSoup has reached over 1.4 million NGOs in 39 languages and facilitated distribution of technology products and grants valued at more than $19.1 billion.

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