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Hootsuite Hits the Pause Button

The global leader in social media management launches a new feature to suspend scheduled posts with the click of a button

VANCOUVER, BC, January 18, 2021 — A new feature by Hootsuite allows brands and businesses to pause previously scheduled social media posts and create space for the events of the day to transpire. Social media moves quickly, and brands that can react accordingly have an advantage. When trends change or a crisis arises, scheduled posts may no longer be appropriate. With Hootsuite’s new Suspend Scheduled Posts feature, planned social media content can be halted from publishing for any length of time and resumed later when appropriate.

“There are instances where brands need to pivot and make space for critical messages to be shared and heard on social, but it can be disheartening to lose content that required a lot of work to curate, said Amanda Wood, Social Media Marketing Manager for Hootsuite. “Suspend Scheduled Posts allows us to simply suspend the post and reschedule it for a better time.”

With more than half a billion active daily users now on social, an irresistible opportunity has presented itself for brands to put themselves front and center in the conversation. But Hootsuite’s 2021 Social Trends Report found that silence can be golden. In a fast-changing global landscape, brands must find their place in the conversation. Smart brands pause and listen, then win with original ways of contributing to the social conversation—providing real and tangible value.

“The functionality of scheduling posts has transformed the world of social media, but 2020 has shown us that unpredictable things happen all the time—and we need to ensure we’re connecting with our audience in a way that is always valuable and authentic. Sometimes this means knowing when to say nothing at all,” added Wood.

With the Suspend Scheduled Posts feature, Hootsuite users can now easily suspend their scheduled social posts with one click to help:

  • Protect brand reputation in the time of a crisis and allow time to either create messaging more appropriate to the events transpiring or simply save the content for another time.

  • Keep up with high-performance content to drive better performance in the event an unexpected issue occurs—by simply clicking on “Suspend” all scheduled posts will be halted but not deleted—allowing the time to revisit the content, make edits, send for approval to publish later.

  • Act quickly in a time-sensitive situation by easily suspending scheduled posts in the Hootsuite calendar, adding new posts and publishing immediately.

The Suspend Scheduled Posts feature is available for use with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, within Hootsuite’s Team, Business, and Enterprise plans.

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