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Hootsuite Ignites B2B Creativity with Unconventional Campaign

VANCOUVER, BC — October 24, 2023Hootsuite, the trailblazing social media management platform, rewrites the rules of business-to-business (B2B) marketing with a provocative and boundary-pushing creative campaign released today. Breaking away from the traditional product launch playbook of technical jargon and predictable strategies, Hootsuite is ushering in a new era of innovation by transforming its product features and releases into mesmerizing "product moments."

In a relentless pursuit of driving brand awareness, Hootsuite is packaging up its latest product offerings in a thematic and social-first campaign centered around one word—Harmony. By offering solutions that help its customers work smarter, not harder, the united theme of Harmony touches on the pain points that social marketers face on a daily basis—from complicated workflows and repetitive tasks to clunky collaboration tools and confusing analytics reports that leave social teams stressed and off balance. Hootsuite’s new tools bring teams together to help everyone work smarter—and ultimately find harmony.

“At the end of the day, we need to stand out and get noticed. Nothing else matters if our prospects don’t know who we are. And there’s no better place to do that than on social,” said Billy Jones, VP of Marketing, Hootsuite. “There's this false notion that if you're a B2B brand, you need to be conservative and buttoned up—but that’s just not the case. We hope that through campaigns like this, we can inspire other marketers to use creativity as a competitive advantage to truly stand out from the crowd."

Hootsuite's audacious campaign encompasses:

  • Zen for Social Media Managers: As the leader in the social marketing space, Hootsuite understands the daily grind of social media managers. To ease their stress, Hootsuite has crafted a guided meditation experience, seamlessly integrating the stressors soon to be eliminated by its product updates.

  • Harmony Through Hootsuite: A paid media campaign that amplifies the message of social media managers finally finding harmony amidst their hectic jobs.

  • Scented Candles with a Twist: Hootsuite is sending out uniquely themed scented candles to influential social media managers and creators. These candles evoke the essence of pain points solved by Hootsuite's product release. Imagine inhaling "Drag and Drop Dream" or immersing in "Seamless Collaboration Sandalwood."

  • Moments of Zen: A collaboration between the marketing and product teams to integrate behavior-based triggers within the platform. These triggers serve up moments of harmony and zen precisely when users need them—creating a unique user experience.

“We wanted to take a social-first approach to this product launch and deliver a cheeky and easily digestible concept to our audience. We started with a clear brief that was focused on the human pain-points our product was solving and made it all about our customers,” said Tanzina Alam, Senior Director Of Product Marketing, Hootsuite. “The twist is in just how much the team ‘turned up’ how we dramatize the pain-killers we’ve created. They got a bit wild with it, that’s the fun part.”

Hootsuite’s product launch focuses on the following themes and features to help social marketers reach their ‘social media zen’ by:

  • Streamlining exhaustive processes:

    • Create new posts easily, by simply dragging and dropping assets from content libraries or stock collections right into calendars in Hootsuite Planner.

    • Turn any social comment into a Zendesk ticket with one click in Hootsuite Advanced Inbox

  • Automating manual tasks with AI-powered speed:

    • Let OwlyWriter AI use its powerful AI to draft that series of posts about National Hotdog Day

    • Let autosuggest deliver an infinite bounty of AI powered hashtag suggestions

  • Boosting productivity with seamless collaboration:

    • Let go of that angry Instagram DM and send it off to James from Support for next steps in Advanced Inbox

  • (Finally) proving social ROI to drive revenue:

    • Show how social strategy is actually driving more traffic and outperforming competitors than Velma’s paid banner ads with Hootsuite Advanced Analytics

Learn more about Hootsuite’s latest suite of product features here.

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