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HootSuite Adds Localization in Arabic & Korean plus OAuth and Push Notifications

Social World Cup

With the football matches in South Africa dominating the Twitter streams, HootSuite is here to help you stay on-side of the global chatter as the social web carries the conversation up-field for a goooooaaaaallll!

This fresh release of the HootSuite mobile social media dashboard for iPhone features localization for Arabic and Korean plus OAuthsecurity migration, push notifications and deeper conversation browsing.

“Salam and Annyong Haseyo”

Building upon the localizations added in the last release of HootSuite iPhone, two more languages join German, Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese to (almost) round out the top 10 worldwide Internet languages. Now, the dozens of Arabic-speaking countries, along with the voracious Internet user population of Korea, can enjoy full interface elements in their familiar language.

Use of Arabic language on the web increased 2,297.7 % from 2000-2009 compared to world average of 399.03 %. The total adoption was led by Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Algeria.

HootSuite’s new Arabic localized version reads right to left and will be a communication boon for over half a billion people who speak Arabic as a first or second language in the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere around the world.


As an early Internet adopter, South Korea was the 5th country to join the 30 club for over 30 million Internet users in 2004 (following US, China, Japan and Germany). South Korea remains in the top ten of total Internet users per country and boasts the highest Internet penetration rate of any top 10 country at 77.3 % (as of end of 2009).

Though Korean is a top 10 language on the web, scant statistics are available for Internet use in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (AKA North Korea) aside from a ranking of 227th in the“Internet Hosts” category by the CIA Factbook.

Push Notification

Fresh from the HootSuite Labs comes baked-in push notifications via Boxcar. This integration will alert you with a noise, buzz or pop-up whenever a new messages arrives. Tune it to receive @ replies, DMs or your whole home feed, and you’ll have one less reason to miss any mention of your name, brand or keyword.

Deeper Conversation

In the previous release, we added a threaded conversation view. Now we’ve made the conversations interactive allowing you to drill deeper into the back-story to quickly grasp context.

This update allows you to dig back into the stream to send replies and follow links from previous messages in the thread.

Avatar Zooming

Wondering who that stunning new follower is? Does that face look familiar? What’s your friend holding in that picture anyhow?

Zoom in on their profile pic to see their face in a full screen view. Handy at conferences and bars alike.

Security Migration

This release stays in step with Twitter’s evolving systems with a migration to the OAuth security protocol.

After installing the new version of HootSuite iPhone App, simply follow the prompts to upgrade your authentication scheme to OAuth which is: “An open protocol to allow secure API authorization in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications.”

Keep in mind, you must update your app to OAuth before July 1st 2010 to keep your HootSuite app happily hooting with Twitter.

Owl-ized Addresses from Safari

Want to shorten a link quick while browsing the web? Just add “owly://” (no quotes) to the start of the URL in the Safari browser bar to instantly create a message in HootSuite including the short URL.

Kick Off

Get Hooting with HootSuite for iPhone by downloading from the iTunes App Store – all new features are released in both the Full ($2.99) or Lite (no-cost) versions and upgrades are FREE.

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