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Hootsuite Launches Mobile App to Simplify Photo Editing, Sourcing and Sharing for Social

Source and create visually compelling images to strengthen customer engagement with easy-to-use image solution

VANCOUVER, BC November 10, 2016 - Hootsuite, the most widely used platform for managing social media, has introduced Hootsuite Enhance, an iPhone app that makes it easy for marketers to source, edit and optimize photos for social network sharing.

According to a survey by the CMO Council, 93% of marketers say photo content is important to their marketing strategies. Hootsuite Enhance allows users to create engaging photo content that is ready to use across networks including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. With a toolkit of effects, filters and fonts, Hootsuite Enhance gives users the ability to customize and create compelling images that can be quickly resized for their social channels.

“We’re in a mobile-first, visually driven age. Images and photos dramatically increase engagement by humanizing social media content,” said Penny Wilson, chief marketing officer for Hootsuite. “Businesses using Hootsuite Enhance can optimize the impact and reach of their posts, effortlessly and on-the-fly. Now more than ever, the old saying is true – a picture is worth a thousand words.“

The Hootsuite Enhance app provides a simple user interface that enable users to:

  • Increase productivity: Instantly crop images based on recommended sizes for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks

  • Find more content: Source relevant photos directly in the app from a large database of stock images, or the user’s own library

  • Maximize engagement: Add visual flair to photos with special effects, stickers, borders, and filters

  • Build brand awareness: Overlay photos with your logo and text, choosing from 30 fonts to fit branding and messaging

  • Be more responsive: Share edited images directly from the Hootsuite Enhance app for effortless posting from anywhere and at anytime

Featuring an intuitive, icon-based interface, Hootsuite Enhance offers effortless, anywhere photo editing, to create compelling images perfect for sharing on social networks.The Hootsuite Enhance app is now a featured app on the iTunes store. It’s available to download for free at:

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Hootsuite Enhance, an easy way to create better images for your business on social

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Find, crop, size, edit and share - all from one app


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