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Hootsuite Makes Finding and Sharing Great Social Content Easy with New ‘Curate’ Integration

Together, Hootsuite, UpContent and Proofpoint deliver a best-in-class trifecta for content curation and compliance

VANCOUVER, BC – February 3rd, 2021 - Hootsuite, the global leader in social media management, today launched Curate by UpContent. The new integration brings brands, businesses, and solopreneurs the ability to discover and distribute high-quality content directly within the Hootsuite dashboard to attract new followers, build brand reputation, and inform future buyers.

UpContent is the first-ever active content discovery technology; the new integration with Hootsuite allows users to easily identify, review, approve and distribute compelling articles on their social channels that will drive new traffic, leads, and revenue.

“Hootsuite found that 45% of users aged 16 to 64 are searching for brand information on social networks, so it’s safe to say that brands need to provide their audience with valuable, informative, industry-related content now more than ever,” said Henk Campher, VP of Corporate Marketing at Hootsuite. “Because Curate makes content discovery so simple, it’s the perfect tool for small-to-medium size businesses and large enterprise organizations to show their customers that they really understand them and their industry.”

Available to all Hootsuite accounts, Curate’s intelligent discovery engine automatically surfaces articles on the topics that matter within Hootsuite, while meeting compliance requirements through an added layer provided by cybersecurity and compliance leader, Proofpoint.

“The Proofpoint layer is so unique because it allows those within highly regulated industries to find and curate content without the risk,” added Scott Rogerson, Founder and CEO of UpContent. “With thought leadership leading the next phase of digital transformation for many brands and businesses, this three-pronged approach to content curation, social media management, and compliance is an absolute must for brands and the individuals that represent them.”

Hootsuite announced its integration with Proofpoint Content Patrol, a real-time compliance verification feature, in 2019. The new application of Proofpoint and UpContent together within the Hootsuite dashboard is representative of Hootsuite’s ongoing efforts to provide innovative security and compliance solutions to its customers. The partnership provides social media managers in regulated industries the ideal volume and variety of content that matches their customer’s interests and simplifies a historically over-engineered compliance process.

In 2020, Hootsuite found that 84% of mature organizations saw significant success in improving brand health through social media and employee advocacy. To enable employee advocacy, Curate allows teams to easily bring content directly into their preferred employee advocacy tool, with customized content and calls to action.

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About UpContent

UpContent helps marketing, sales, and HR professionals build trust, deepen relationships, and drive revenue through strategically curated content. UpContent analyzes millions of articles monthly and taps into the collective expertise of their company’s team by empowering individuals to engage with, and enrich, high-quality articles prior to sharing with customers and prospects through one of UpContent’s many social media, email marketing, and website partnerships and integrations.

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