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Hootsuite Releases an Enhanced Inbox to Help Digital Marketers Streamline Their Customer Service Experience on Social

Hootsuite’s upgraded Inbox product provides a comprehensive view of all customer engagements simplifying social customer service for internal teams

VANCOUVER, BC — MAY 24, 2023 — As the global leader in the social media management space, Hootsuite understands the wild nature of social and the flurry of messages and conversations that social marketers are constantly struggling to manage. To strengthen its dedication to addressing the ‘always-on’ customer service challenges faced by social marketers, Hootsuite unveiled its latest and enhanced tool, Inbox.

According to Hootsuite’s 2023 Social Trends Report, 49% of organizations make social customer service the responsibility of the marketing team, while 40% of consumers expect brands to problem-solve in the channels of their choice (e.g., Instagram Messenger). Marketing teams now have to manage yet another channel, become customer service agents, and address their customers’ inquiries within the social channels they live on. 

As social media managers see customers increasingly turn to private messaging for customer service inquiries, Hootsuite developed an Enhanced Inbox to enable timeless and seamless social inquiry management. Inbox encourages efficient collaboration among internal teams, and offers a suite of features to streamline responses and speed up service. 

“Our social team polled customers to understand their pain points on social, and what we heard was that our customers’ greatest struggle is not being able to engage with their customers and respond to inquiries 24/7,” said Natalia Williams, Chief Product Officer, Hootsuite. “Our product development strategy has been deeply anchored in making our customers’ day-to-day easier. Upgrading our Inbox tool to simplify, accelerate and empower users to provide exceptional customer service and ultimately propel their business growth takes our commitment to the next level.”

Inbox provides a centralized platform for social media marketers to manage all DMs, with new embedded functionalities that make responding to inquiries more efficient, without jeopardizing a quality response. SMMs and customer service teams can now easily collaborate with multiple teams to quickly resolve customer messages, automate service, offer social value and protect their brand. 

“Prior to using Hootsuite’s new Inbox, we didn’t have a social care team,” said Santiago Garcia Solimei, Global Head of Social Media & Brands PR, Meliá Hotels International. “Now we have dedicated resources answering users through over 500 social media accounts, allowing us to be unified in our brand voice across the board.”

The key features of Inbox equips Hootsuite Business and Enterprise users to:

  • Manage conversations in one place with one centralized inbox for all public, private, organic and dark post conversations across social channels. Search for messages and comments across all social channels.

  • Easily collaborate with multiple teams/departments efficiently and confidently by using message routing to assign responses to the right individuals and teams. Improve collaboration across teams with assignments, agent collision avoidance, skill-based routing, and more.

  • Speed up response times, simplify, and automate service with saved replies, autoresponders, and auto-prioritization of messages based on SLAs and response times.

  • Connect to existing CRMs and chatbots to enable better service and deeper insights into the value of a conversation. Bring social conversations into existing customer intelligence platforms. 

  • Get insights to improve performance by reviewing, analyzing, and reporting on activity and performance to better understand the value of service. 

  • Add CSAT surveys to measure and improve customer satisfaction by sending CSAT surveys in the customer’s language based on business rules.

  • Monitor potential crises by tagging, searching and setting up alerts to monitor conversations and catch potential crises before they occur. 

  • Keep the conversation going on the move and stay connected by viewing, filtering, assigning and replying to conversations with Hootsuite’s mobile app.

  • Combine social profiles by linking  customer profiles across social channels together to get a holistic view of messages across multiple social networks.

  • Enable automatic language detection to trigger auto responders in a customer’s language and automatically route conversations to teams with specific language skills.

For more information on Inbox, visit our website here

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