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Announcing Hootsuite Social Media Security Services for Enterprise Businesses

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New Industry-Leading HootSuite Security Services Help Clients Mitigate Social Media Risks and Prepare for Social Media Crises in the Event of an Emergency

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA  May 30, 2013 - HootSuite, makers of the market-leading social media management system, announces new HootSuite Security Services designed to mitigate the risk, both internal and external, associated with social media use. With numerous recent social media crisis including account hackings and high-profile mis-tweets, global organizations want to ensure their social assets are secure. HootSuite Security Services have been designed with this prevention in mind, and are available immediately.

Hootsuite Security Services include:

  • Social Asset Audit: Eliminate the security risks associated with weak or shared passwords, prevent employees from mistakenly posting to the wrong profiles with Secure Profiles, and instantly revoke access to social media accounts if activity turns malicious.

  • Twitter Alerts: Push alerts to notify certified teams when suspicious posting activity is detected on their Twitter accounts.

  • Crisis Training and Simulation: Ensure certified teams understand best practices, guideline creation and crisis prevention techniques. Crisis simulations prepare teams to respond in the event of an emergency.

Jeremiah Owyang, Industry Analyst and Partner at Altimeter Group, speaks to the importance of security when it comes to using social profiles, explaining that “76% of social media crises could have been diminished, or altogether prevented, had companies been prepared internally with the right training, processes, roles, and software.”

“Weak or shared passwords, accidentally posting to business instead of personal profiles, these are errors that can really hurt a brand’s image and consequently its bottom line. Thankfully these crises are avoidable,” says Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite. “When so many social media crises start internally, a social asset audit just makes sense. From there, HootSuite Security Services provides you with the knowledge and resources to deal with any social media situation. You may not be able to control external factors, but you can make sure your business is ready for them.”

“At TELUS, we’ve built a large and engaged social media community. These are effective channels for us to connect in real-time conversations with our clients. Our social channels are fast becoming the voice of our organization and for that reason we need to protect them, in the same way we protect our brand. The HootSuite Security Services are solid means of taking that protection into our own hands,” says Nick Culo, Vice President of Corporate Communications at TELUS. “From simple password and account security best practices, to more complex measures like the crisis simulation, we feel more secure knowing our social profiles have been through the Security Services process.”

HootSuite, used by global brands like Virgin, PepsiCo, Sony Music, FOX, and WWF, is built for enterprise businesses. With the most advanced tools and services available for security, collaboration, engagement and analytic measurement of your social media strategy, HootSuite Enterprise is built to bring brands their social ROI. Interested organizations can get started now by contacting the HootSuite Security Services team.

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About Hootsuite

HootSuite is a social media management system for businesses and organizations to collaboratively execute campaigns across social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ Pages from one secure, web-based dashboard. Advanced functionality includes tools for audience engagement, team collaboration, account security and comprehensive analytics for end-to-end measurement and reporting. To learn more, visit:

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When using HootSuite Security Services, users will have the option to display the above badge confirming their participation in the prevention program.

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When using HootSuite Security Services, users will have the option to display the above badge confirming their participation in the prevention program.


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