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HootSuite Updates iPhone App with User Requested Features, Translation and Localization

June 2, 2010, Vancouver, CANADA — In a release designed to enhance the social media experience for iPhone users in many countries and help companies outreach to international markets, HootSuite released localized versions of the popular social media dashboard in Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and German along with streamlining translation to/from 50+ languages.Additionally, the release adds the abilities to comment on Facebook news feeds, display conversations chronologically, forward Twitter updates by email, and save links for future reading. All these features are designed to make the social media experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Usability Refinements

Additions include nuanced tools designed to increase efficiency and enjoyment for professionals and hobbyists using HootSuite on the go. Many of the features were submitted by HootSuite’s enthusiastic users through the feedback channel.

All the features are available in both the Lite (no cost) and Full ($2.99 USD) versions ofHootSuite for iPhone.

Facebook Commenting – In addition to Pages and Profiles, add comments to anything in which appears in the News Feed

Contextual Conversation – See the history behind messages to understand the back-story before following up to replies

Persistent Placement – HootSuite returns users to the same place in the stream after taking a phone call or using another app

Saved Draft – Users can finish writing a Twitter message later without starting from scratch if interrupted or delayed

Future Reading – Save the contents of a link to read when convenient on iPhone or web via the (free) Instapaper service

Forward by Email - Send along updates to non-Twitter-users to share important info and keep colleagues up to date

Bump to Follow – Released a few weeks ago in the HootSuite labs, users can follow one another with a hand gesture using the iPhone motion sensing abilities

Translation and International Localization

In an industry-first, HootSuite is now available in fully localized versions for Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and German users who will now see all interface elements in their chosen language. The localization is a complementary follow-up to the translation toolsannounced on April 30th which help social media marketing professionals track brand mentions and gauge customers sentiment in multiple languages.

Further, a single click now translates any Tweet to and from the phone’s default language which allows both marketers and travellers to tap into local news and conversation.

This translation and localization is another industry first for HootSuite and is demonstrative of the company’s commitment to international markets which is further evidenced in CEO Ryan Holmes recent trip to Japan in which he met with industry luminaries to discuss Twitter’s rapid growth and innovative methods of using mobile devices.


Hootsuite Media Team