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HootSuite Adds Secure Profiles Functionality for Enterprise Teams

March 29th, 2011 VANCOUVER, CANADA – On the heels of recent high-profile PR incidents in which employees, contractors and interns mistakenly sent personal messages from corporate profiles, HootSuite social media dashboard now offers a way for brands to protect their identity and integrity by preventing these unintended messages.HootSuite Secure Profiles adds an extra step for Team Members to complete before posting to designated social media accounts. In brief, when a “secure-enabled” profile is selected, the sender will be prompted to confirm or cancel the post before publishing.

Secure Profiles is another of HootSuite’s security-specific features along with team collaboration tools and multi-tiered account provisioning which allow for streamlined internal workflow without compromising passwords.

Slide to Protect

With HootSuite Secure Profiles:

  • Account owners can designate chosen social profiles as “Secure” for their designated Team Members

  • Team Members are prompted to confirm or cancel messages before broadcasting to secured profiles

  • Profiles are secured across platforms starting on web with iPhone, Android and Blackberry available shortly

HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes shares the motivations behind the release:

We’ve closely watched the recent stories about unintended Tweets and wanted to help companies prevent social media mishaps. With HootSuite’s Team Provisioning and Secure Profiles tool, organizations can continue using social media to promote their brand confidently while maintaining a high degree of security. – Ryan Holmes, CEO HootSuite

A Pint of Prevention

Despite the best laid plans, sometimes an errant finger tap or extra mouse click can create a public relations conundrum which quickly spreads across the Internet. This tool was built in response to incidents like these in which personal messages were broadcast over official brand accounts including @ChryslerAutos, @redcross and @marcjacobsintl.

Each of these unique situations caused marketplace confusion and affected brand sentiment – and were all preventable. While some of these errant updates were elegantly mitigated, in each case HootSuite’s security-focused tools could have prevented the distracting media attention.


The Secure Profiles feature is available exclusively as part of HootSuite’s Enterprise plan. Designed for large organizations with multiple team members, the Enterprise plan includes access to a comprehensive toolkit to monitor conversations, engage audiences and measure social media ROI. Along with Secure Profiles, HootSuite’s social media dashboard includes multi-tiered account provisioning allowing colleagues and contractors to post to profiles without sharing passwords.

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