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HootSuite Reinvents Social Analytics Reporting in Social Media Dashboard

HootSuite adds social analytics measuring tools and customizable reports to the popular social media dashboard. These new features will help businesses and organizations measure campaign success and understand return on investment.

Mar 9, 2011, VANCOUVER, CANADA – HootSuite adds Social Analytics reporting tools to the popular social media dashboard. The new feature will provide a comprehensive view of statistics from Twitter, Facebook, Google and more from within a single tool. This real-time information will allow marketing teams to rapidly adjust tactics based on data rather than hunches, as well as more clearly understand the reasons for the campaign results.


HootSuite’s new Social Analytics consist of over 30 individual report “modules” accessible through a re-designed launch bar. Users can select from a variety of modules in any combination to build custom reports, or for quick reporting, choose from a selection of pre-made report templates.

For example: Track Twitter brand mentions; measure Twitter profile follower growth; examine Facebook Likes and demographics: or, overlay social link clicks and website visits from Google – all now within the HootSuite dashboard.

Further, report appearance can be customized with headers and logos – along with charts and graphs – for a custom-branded report appropriate for clients or companies.


Rather than jumping between several measuring tools, HootSuite Social Analytics is designed to provide a single point of analysis to help understand the effect which social media outreach has on business objectives. Reports can narrow in on specific campaign elements for finite adjustments, or give an aggregated view of all user profiles within various networks. The reports are fully-integrated with Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, as well as HootSuite’s built-in URL tool.

David Weiner, Digital Media Manager from PepsiCo, speaks to the importance of these tools:

"HootSuite Social Analytics will allow businesses and organizations to more closely tie engagement and connections to business results. The customizable reports allow me to craft a statistical narrative which supports our all of our social media efforts, including physical activations at events like SxSW. Being able to track conversations that are important to the organization and our brands is truly invaluable.”


Once created, the reports are interactive and can be edited or adjusted at any time to reflect changing campaigns and reporting needs. Plus, reports can be shared easily with any HootSuite user, not just team members. Account managers can create distributable reports based on their modules and share with colleagues and clients as authorized within HootSuite. Further, reports can be delivered to chosen recipients via emailed PDF on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule – a great way to keep teams in the loop.

All HootSuite users – including Basic, Pro, and Enterprise customers – have access to the new functionality. The reports are purchased by “points”. More complex reporting modules require more points than simpler ones. Users can purchase more points at any time and utilize any combination of modules to fit their needs.

This is a continuation of HootSuite’s market-leading pace of releasing tools to help business and organizational teams maximize return on their social media campaign investments. Recent announcements include an affiliate program, app directory, and social sharing tools. Along with the standard-bearer web tool, HootSuite is also available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and keitai mobile platforms.

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