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HootSuite Adds Team Collaboration Tools

Social Media Dashboard HootSuite adds Team Collaboration tools to help agencies, consultants and marketing & customer service groups efficiently manage social network accounts. Teams can now co-update Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts without compromising security by creating Owners and Teams for each account. Additionally, the release adds the ability for Team Members to add external accounts and RSS feeds to auto-update networks, plus the highly requested “Reply to All” feature.

Vancouver, CANADA – April, 13, 2010 – HootSuite Media Inc. released  Team Collaboration tools in a new version of the popular social media dashboard. Specifically designed for group coordination, teams can now better manage message publishing and conversation monitoring across multiple social networks.

Best known as a web and mobile-based tool for managing Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social networks, HootSuite continues to respond to organizations who use the dashboard for customer relationship management and support desks applications, in addition to social media promotional campaigns.

This fundamental advancement will enable enterprises, agencies, content publishers, and consultants to work with clients and colleagues seamlessly, without sacrificing control over confidential account info or compromising message timeliness.

Power of Collaboration

From day one, HootSuite was built with teamwork in mind by offering a solution for managing multiple accounts with numerous contributors. Over the past year, HootSuite added more social networks and additional ways to share access with teams. This new release was developed to better control communication channels by designating “Owners” and “Team Members” to each social network account.

Owners and Teammates

Each social network account now requires an Owner who “holds the keys” to that account (note: this Owner is chosen the next time the user logs in). This Owner can then add Team Members with Basic or Advanced access. Ownership is easily transferred to a client or other Team Member as roles change.

Teams Members are up and running quickly with columns for brand monitoring, keyword searches, list following and more — allowing Teams to concentrate on tracking conversations, spreading messages, and monitoring what works with on-board statistics.

Once assigned to a social network, Team Members can post messages, create additional views and columns, and interact with the details of social networks. Plus, Team Members can add ad hoc social accounts for external teams or personal use, and create their own Teams, all without setting up a separate HootSuite account.

Talk to Everyone

Team Members can also add RSS feeds allowing a auto-updates to social networks whenever a blog, photostream, or other news feed is updated. Users can select a publishing interval, destination social network, and even pre-pend the updates with custom messaging.

Another tool to assist group communication is the “Reply to All” feature. A single click will pre-populate a message with all recipients of the original message without requiring copy-and-pasting or memorizing Twitter handles. This highly-requested feature offers another way to participate in the social conversation while saving keystrokes and time.


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